COVID-19 Letter

To Our Current and Future East Orchard Dentistry Patients:

2020 has been a hard year. I think it has stemmed from “the unknowns”–How can I be safe? How can I keep my family safe? How long is this going to last? Are we going to recover from this?

I never thought I would buy a dental practice in the middle of a global pandemic. I never thought my first letter to patients would be one of this nature. But here we are. At East Orchard Dentistry, I want my staff, patients, my family and your families to feel comfortable and safe. I understand that, for some of you, this might mean holding off for a few more months or missing your six month check up. I want you to know that I am here for you if you need me, and that we will welcome you back with open arms when you are ready.

For those of you who want to come see us, I’d like you to know that your safety is top priority. Dr. Glockner’s staff have always followed strict infection control protocols, and we have all stepped things up with COVID-19. We are following guidelines set forth by the ADA (American Dental Association), the CDC (Centers for Disease Control), and OSHA
(Occupational Safety and Health Administration). You might see some changes if you haven’t been in for a while:

  • Our office will reach out to you with some screening questions prior to your appointment. You will also be asked those same questions when you arrive, and we will take your temperature.
  • There will be hand sanitizer available, and we will ask you to use it periodically while in the office.
  • Our waiting area will not have beverages, magazines, or toys available, as we cannot ensure that those items are disinfected appropriately.
  • Our hours and appointment times have changed a bit to allow for social distancing.
  • We ask that you wear a mask in our waiting area and any time you are not receiving treatment.

I know things seem a little crazy right now. Or a lot crazy. But we are all going through this together, and I want what is best for you and your family. Please call our office with any questions. I am so looking forward to meeting you!


Lindsey Willoughby, DMD

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